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Welcome to conversionmonday! We help companies to grow their business with effective real-time conversion analysis of your website(s) and other online channels. We leverage all online traffic data and technology for innovative, conversion optimization. Ready to grow? We offer a state-of-the art analysing software, dashboard and consultancy to measure and improve your omnichannel marketing in a continues way.

Conversionmonday is a young fast growing, Utrecht based agency that has a team of professionals with many year experience in online marketing and search technology.

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Our Features

Online dashboard

With conversionmonday you will get rid of all those unclear Excel sheets and reports from different sources. We link and brings all your data sources together in one central dashboard. This makes your objectives immediately clear and ready to handle. Conversionmonday provides fresh insights and KPIs based on current real-time, detailed, analysed and enriched data data. With this, impactful decisions can be made to drive your conversion to a higher rates!

Task Management

Conversion optimization will most of the times be a result of tasks and actions performed by specialists like a webmaster, SEO or SEA specialist or content writer. Conversionmonday wil support your conversion process of managing tasks through the continues life cycle of conversion improvement.

Customer Journey Analytics

Within conversionmonday the customer journey analytics gives you and your marketers and customer experience professionals a powerful tool to understand and engage with individual customers at a personal level, at scale. By analyzing millions of data points in real-time, you can discover the most important customer journeys and prioritize those opportunities that significantly impact business goals like increasing revenue, reducing churn and improving customer experience.

Competitor Analysis

Your competitors can be a goldmine of information that can inform every aspect of your marketing and rocket your website’s traffic. With conversionmonday competitor analysis is a lot easier. Our primary focus is SEO and content analysis, and conversionmonday will analyse competitor keywords (organic and PPC) for you.

SEO Optimization

Search engine optimization focuses on improving relevance and authority. We look further ahead than keyword rankings. At conversionmonday, conversion metrics are central in providing a direction to SEO. We provide the right mix of top quality content, technique and authority so that you can make the most of organic search.

Campaign Monitoring

With conversionmonday we measure all your online campaigns (ie email, newsletters) in terms of conversion results in a central dashboard. This will help understand how to improve and build effective multichannel campaigns which help to grow your business.

conversionmonday reinvents the current market

We love figures! In addition, we have refreshing ideas on how we can use the enormous quantity of data. We provide you new insights on online behaviour, interactions and conversion. We use this data to optimise the website and others channels. Using smart technology, we bring monthly improvements by giving practical advise and tasks.. In doing so, we focus on your conversion results, we create value and save costs.